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Every year, well over one million people legally immigrate into the United States, usually seeking a better life or a fresh start. If you are interested in obtaining permanent residence or citizenship, working with an experienced immigration attorney is the most effective make it through the process. Born and raised in Italy, Miami immigration lawyer Ilaria Akl is an immigrant herself. She understands firsthand how difficult the immigration and naturalization processes can be, and she can relate to your concerns.


A real estate transaction can be complex and can take up much of your time and attention. A closing may be delayed, a dispute may arise between a landlord and tenant, or another issue may come up which will need to be addressed. Miami real estate lawyer Ilaria Akl is experienced in helping clients throughout Miami-Dade and Broward with their real estate law issues. Some of the areas she handles include: Real Estate Transactions: Ilaria Akl can help clients throughout the process of any real estate transaction as a way of preventing future issues from arising.


After working in the banking sector at Merrill Lynch International Bank, Ilaria served for over five years as President of one of the then leading gaming corporations in Venezuela. Ilaria has extensive and hands on experience in managing every facet of Casinos from the Casino Floor & Pit to Marketing, to Human Resources to Accounting and Administration. During the passage of the first legislation on gambling institutions in Venezuela, she organized efforts to lobby the local and central government on behalf of the hotel and gaming industries.


Miami family lawyer Ilaria Akl offers experienced and compassionate representation to families throughout Miami-Dade and Broward Counties in Florida. The Legnaro Akl Law Firm is a boutique firm that offers hands-on, personal attention and representation to our clients. When we take on a family law matter, we take care to make ourselves available to our client and keep them apprised at every step of their case. Some of the types of family law matters attorney Ilaria Akl handles include: Divorce, Legal Separation, Child Support, Child Custody…


Collaborative Law is a new and increasingly popular approach to practicing law that avoids the pitfalls of the traditional litigation process. It is a process, just like mediation or litigation are processes that are used to resolve a legal dispute. Collaborative Law has a similar philosophy to mediation because it is based on good faith and full disclosure, and it is client-focused. The main difference between mediation and Collaborative Law is that in the latter, each participant has his or her own collaboratively trained attorney who is there to provide guidance and assistance.


Mediation provides a method that is mutually beneficial for settling a legal dispute. Instead of dragging a dispute through court, where it could take months or years to resolve it, mediation offers a clear path to a resolution. A path that is less expensive, more efficient, and not based in animosity. There are many reasons why people choose to settle legal disputes in Florida using mediation. The process take less time and requires less resources. This means it is less expensive, but also that people involved in the dispute are able to resolve the issue at hand and move on with their lives as quickly as possible.


Miami estate planning lawyer Ilaria Akl can help to put you in control of how your property and assets will be divided after you are gone. Having an estate plan which is set out in clear, legal terms is essential for any person who has any property or assets, even a person who is not “wealthy”. This will serve to help eliminate excessive estate taxes and legal battles, and will avoid having the State determine how your assets will be divided, and to whom. Attorney Ilaria Akl offers intelligent legal advice regarding all aspects of estate planning throughout Miami-Dade and Broward County