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Mediation provides a method that is mutually beneficial for settling a legal dispute. Instead of dragging a dispute through court, where it could take months or years to resolve it, mediation offers a clear path to a resolution. A path that is less expensive, more efficient, and not based in animosity.

There are many reasons why people choose to settle legal disputes in Florida using mediation. The process take less time and requires less resources. This means it is less expensive, but also that people involved in the dispute are able to resolve the issue at hand and move on with their lives as quickly as possible.

Mediation is confidential, so whether your dispute is related to business or your personal life, you never need to worry about personal or private information becoming a matter of public record. The only people in attendance at a mediation session are those approved by the disputing parties. Often, this includes only the two parties and the mediator, and possibly legal representation for both sides.

The process of mediation is communication based, which means people are not fighting one another in an effort to resolve the dispute. Instead, parties work together to achieve a common goal: bringing the dispute to an end in a manner that is satisfactory to everyone involved. Respect and honesty are both important parts of the mediation process, as is a willingness to negotiate in good faith.

If you are involved in a legal dispute in Florida and you believe mediation could be an effective method for resolving it, Ilaria Legnaro can help. Since 2002, Ilaria has provided exceptional legal services in the areas of immigration, family and mediation, real estate, and commercial law. She knows litigation is sometimes necessary, but encourages client to pursue alternative forms of dispute resolution when appropriate. Ilaria has extensive legal experience and a deep understanding of the business world, enabling her to easily navigate complex legal issues. An accomplished professional in the areas of marketing, finance, and in the hospitality and gaming industries, Ilaria’s keen business sense enables her to resolve complex legal disputes effectively and with a practical approach, no matter the route clients choose.

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